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Many myths make stroke a life-threatening health emergency.

One common misbelief is that strokes only happen to older people. Alanas Boulosas. He has invested over 20 years researching and studying disorders of the brain and spine including stroke.

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He joined me recently for a special episode of HeartTalk presented by Capital Cardiology Associates that explored the effect of stroke on the brain. This was alarming to cardiologists, neurologists, ED physicians, and advance care providers who noted that patients were delaying care for serious conditions like stroke or transient ischemic attacks TIAotherwise known as ministrokes. Ministrokes, as they are commonly called, are brief interruptions of blood flow to the brain due to clots.

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Boulos commented. Pasak CDC, over a third of people who experience a ministroke have a major stroke within a year if they do not receive any treatment. In the case of a ministroke, a patient may experience the classic stroke warning signs: silpnumas vienoje kūno pusėje, vision problems, and slurred speech.

Boulos explained common ministroke scenarios that could last minutes to hours. You may temporarily lose vision or have a gray blur in your eyesight while watching TV or reading.

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That was an event! When we think of blood flow in our body, we often think of our heart as the pump that circulates blood through our vascular system.

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Boulos reminds patients on the importance of blood flow to the brain. It takes about one-fifth of our blood flow every time the heartbeats. The term comes from an old Greek phrase meaning someone has been struck by God. During a common išeminė insultas, patients may have trouble walking, speaking, and understanding, as well as paralysis or numbness of the face, petys, arba kojos.

A hemorrhagic stroke is when an artery in the brain leaks blood or breaks open. In these events, the artery in the brain bursts or there is bleeding in the area between the brain and the thin tissues that cover it.

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Tai gali būti viskas - nuo kalbos problemos iki aklosios zonos, išsivysčiusios dešinėje ar kairėje jūsų regėjimo lauko pusėje, sukėlęs autoįvykį. This is why stroke is the leading cause of disability in adulthood and is the number five killer in the US.

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As a neurologist, dr. Boulos detailed how stroke affects the brain. As part of the stroke, it may cause symptoms that prevent us from recognizing the problem. That is why our friends, family, co-workers, and the people around us are so important.

They can recognize when the victim is not behaving properly. That is a clear sign that person needs medical care!

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As a neurosurgeon, dr. Boulos plays an important role after the stroke has occurred. The extent of what we know about brain damage from stroke has evolved greatly over the years.

Metų metus, mažai žinoma apie chemines medžiagas, išgarinančias gaminius, arba apie ilgalaikį garų poveikį žmogaus organizmui. VasarąTrumpo administracija ir Niujorko vyriausybė. Andrew Cuomo abu paskelbė kvapiųjų e-cigarečių draudimus. Šiame straipsnyje bus pažiūrėta į šios vasaros laiko juostą, pagal kurią Niujorko valstijoje buvo uždraustas produktų išpylimas. Taip pat išnagrinėsime būsimą viešąją politiką, apie kurią greičiausiai bus rašoma tai amžinai nulems mūsų bendruomenių išsišokimų ateitį.

That has largely been wrong. The American Stroke Association states that the effects of a širdies ir kraujagyslių sveikatos skatinimas mokyklose Amerikos širdies asociacija depend on several factors, including the location of the obstruction and how much brain tissue is affected. Stroke on the left side of the brain, pavyzdžiui, will affect the right side of the body and vice versa. If the stroke occurs in the brain stem, it can affect both sides of the body, and patients may be unable to speak or move below the neck.

If the connections can be re-established, if other parts of the brain can take over function, then we can see patients recover their abilities despite their being an area of the brain that was damaged.

It is encouraging that recovery from a stroke event is possible; this involves dedication to rehabilitation and time. While a stroke can leave a patient disabled over a lifetime, there is a good opportunity, especially in the beginning, for rehab and recovery.

Part of the problem is that this occurs very slowly, up to two years in some cases. Due to the severity of the stroke, there may not be a dramatic improvement in other patients.

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How that happens within the brain is poorly understood. When you look širdies ir kraujagyslių sveikatos skatinimas mokyklose Amerikos širdies asociacija the image of the brain, you will see areas that are damaged by the stroke. This is still very much in the early phase, but I am very optimistic about this work.